Barbara Boxer Meltdown in Nevada

Washed-up, menopausal, Zionist, Jewish-supremacist, establishment hag and Senator from California, Barbara Boxer, was booed throughout her speech endorsing Hillary Clinton at Saturday’s Nevada State Democratic Convention. Boxer stood upon the dais gushing over Hillary Clinton then had the audacity to repeatedly insist to Sanders supporters, “When you boo me, you are booing Bernie Sanders.”

What could Lady Boxer have meant by her erroneous declaration? She was obviously incorrect. If Bernie Sanders had been standing at the podium, his own supporters, who had given up an entire Saturday, would not be booing Bernie the way they were booing Barbara. Furthermore, Bernie would not have been gushing over Hillary. So what in the hills of Zion was Lady Boxer suggesting?

Boxer to booing Crowd: “When you boo me, you’re booing Bernie Sanders. You’re booing Bernie. You’re booing Bernie. Let’s hear it for Hilary Clinton!”

Was Barbara Boxer displaying early signs of dementia? Was she having a menopausal meltdown live on stage? Was she suggesting that simply because both she and Bernie are Democrats they are one and the same? Was she suggesting that because she and Bernie are both from Brooklyn or both Jewish that somehow the crowd should treat her the same way they would treat Bernie? In all likelihood, Barbara Boxer’s words were simply the distressed pleas of a squirming, dried-up, hooker desperately grasping for lube upon unexpectedly being thrown into a pro bono, ghetto gang-bang.

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Roberta Lange

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