Democratic National Convention Awards Show

If you are wondering why day 1 of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia seemed like a long, bland awards show, it’s because it was formulated by two veteran, Hollywood award-show producers. Normally, at the end of any Hollywood production, the credits run and viewers have a chance to see the names of the people responsible for the “magic.” However, at the end of a political convention, running credits would give the impression that Hollywood was responsible for a spectacle that viewers assume was manifested through the hard work of grass-roots volunteers so consequently, credits are withheld.

According to, Ricky Krishner, the Jewish supremacist responsible for the Superbowl half-time shows, Tony Awards, and Obama’s Inauguration teamed up with Vicangelo “Vic” Bulluck, the Black producer of the NAACP’s Image Awards and original executive director of the NAACP Hollywood Bureau office. Together, the two spent $84 million, not to feed the homeless, not to end wars for Israel in the Middle East, not for public health care, but so that the Queen-of-Lies, Hillary Clinton, may be coronated as the official presidential nominee of the Democratic Party for the 2016 race against Donald Trump.

Disgraced Congressman Debbie Wasserman-Pukes was forced to resign as head of the DNC following the Wikileaks email scandal proving she was rigging the Democratic primaries in favor of Queen-of-lies Hillary Clinton.

Day one began with countless video attacks aimed at the GOP nominee intermixed with a parade of minorities taking the stage.  The show ended with the speech of a rabbi. Of course, disgraced Jew and former chair of  the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Pukes was not allowed to end the convention as planned, so some clueless Black woman had to fill her shoes at the last minute, and she literally forgot to pound her gavel upon officially concluding Day 1, so she ran back on stage, pounded the gavel and hurried off. Blame the director, oy vey!


Demonizing Donald Trump for his alleged prejudice against “immigrants” was the most prevalent theme, yet at no time was it mentioned that Trump was actually married to an immigrant. In fact, not a single speaker made a distinction between immigrants who enter the country legally and those who cross the border illegally, thus conveniently blurring the genuine complaint of the Republican platform vis-a-vie the immigration problem.

George Orwell would have been impressed with the double-speak on hand at the Democratic National Convention. Not only was the immigration issue completely misrepresented, so too was Queen-of-Lies Hillary Clinton’s past behavior. In the rare moments the speakers actually mentioned Hillary, never were her nefarious deeds spotlighted. Absolutely nothing was mentioned about the biggest legal scandal of 2016, the Hillary Clinton email affair. Nor was the Benghazi arms deal debacle discussed. Of course Trump was referred to as someone children could not look up to, yet at no time did anyone point out that Hillary’s husband actually got a hummer (fellatio) from an intern (Jewess Monica Lewinsky) while occupying the Oval office.

Heil Hillary! Senator Elizabeth Warren gives a Nazi salute at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Elizabeth “the hag” Warren lied through her dentures about Hillary’s commitment to creating jobs for American citizens. In her old age, it must have slipped Warren’s mind that the Clinton Administration passed the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which was responsible for the loss of millions of jobs which were outsourced to Mexico. Additionally, Warren’s support for rampant illegal immigration, which results in the loss of jobs for millions of American citizens, was yet another example of the endless double-speak spouted at the DNC podium. Warren did manage to sneak in a quick Heil Hillary!


Bernie Sanders proves to be the ultimate sellout, bowing to Hillary Clinton and refusing to refund his supporters’ average contributions of $37

The King of Sellouts, Bernie Sanders also spoke about how Hillary Clinton will breakup the Wall Street monopolies and Banking empires which have a strangle-hold on the American people, yet Bernie somehow forgot to mention the fact that Hillary is paid $250,000 per hour as attorney for Goldman Sachs. The ultimate chutzpa spieled by Sanders was his claim that the Queen-of-Lies would craft a law that would be the modern-day Glass-Steagall Act, yet he failed to mention that it was, in fact, the Clinton Administration which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act in the first place. Oy vey!

Those using the app Periscope to view the convention live and uncensored by the establishment media were able to witness how some of the Queen’s henchman literally confiscated “Bernie” signs and threatened Bernie supporters with ejection if they disrupted the rigged proceedings. By the end of the evening, most of the “Bernie” signs had ominously disappeared. The set decoration also included several downward facing stars, a shout-out to Lord Satan, no doubt.

Upside down stars adorned the backdrop. Creepy.
Franken and Silverman getting laughs for being so embarrassingly unrehearsed.

The biggest joke of all was during “the Chosen” section of the program, when Sarah “the Serpent” Silverman said, “To the ‘Bernie or bust’ people, you are bing ridiculous.” Appearing along side her was fellow Jewist and former Saturday Night Live cast member-turned-senator Al Franken. The two had to “stretch” (fill time) so the geriatric, decrepit Jewist Paul Simon could make his way onstage to disharmoniously shriek his 46-year-old ballad “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Paul could have pealed wallpaper he was so out of key.

What an $84 million dollars well spent! Good on you producers Ricky Krishner and Vicangelo “Vic” Bulluck. Can’t wait to see what day 2 holds! Maybe Bill will dust off his saxophone and give a good blow show!

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