June 8 marks the 49th anniversary of an Attack on the United States which the Jewish-controlled media would prefer go unnoticed. The year was 1967 and Israel had begun what would become known as the “Six Day War.” In its never-ending crusade of land confiscation and expansion, Israel employed its age-old tactic of disguising itself as the enemy (this time pretending to be Egyptian forces) and launched a relentless bombing campaign against the USS Liberty, an American ship stationed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course one will never hear about this story on CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, your local radio stations, newspapers, magazines or any of the other 90% Zionist-controlled media outlets. Therefore it is the duty of independent journalists such as myself to shine a light on the genuine enemies of the American people and their transgressions.

At the time of the bombing and attempted sinking of the USS Liberty, Israel was only 20 years old. The Israeli government desperately wanted regime change in Egypt, its neighbor to the south, because the Egyptian government refused to recognize the legitimacy of the country “Israel” (created in 1948) which had seized the land of Palestine and committed genocide and terrorism against masses of Palestinians.

In order to fool the people of America into doing the dirty-work of Israel, the Israeli Air Force bombarded the USS Liberty relentlessly with the intention of sinking the ship, killing all those on board, and blaming the entire event on Egypt which would suffer the wrath of America once the dust settled. This strategy of hoodwinking America into fighting the enemies of Israel is nothing new considering since the creation of Israel, the United States has toppled the governments of Israel’s enemies including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya and for the last five years has relentlessly attempted to topple the Assad regime in Syria.

Fortunately for many of the brave men in uniform serving on the USS Liberty, Israel was unable to sink the navy vessel, and while some Americans did die (naval officers, seamen, two marines, and one civilian,) many survived to tell the ghastly tale.

In the aftermath of the attack, Jewish-controlled American President Lyndon B. Johnson released a public statement declaring the attack a misunderstanding. However the then United States Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Chief of Naval Operations at the time, Admiral Thomas Moorer, and the survivors of the attack unanimously and unequivocally rebuked Johnson’s claims saying the USS Liberty was clearly marked as an American vessel and had multiple American flags flying from the ship. Furthermore, the caption of the Liberty sent communications to the Israeli forces alerting them of the siege, yet the bombing campaign continued for over two hours after distress calls went out.

Survivors of the attack were told that the attack and all discussions surrounding it were classified as top secret, and survivors were threatened with prosecution if they were to speak about the event to anyone.

In 2015, many of the survivors spoke out on a video published by RT. Jim Smith, a survivor of the attack said, “The Israeli’s claimed it was a case of mistaken identity, and the United States government bought that explanation. I’m saying a mistaken identity does not allow you sufficient time to shoot all the antennas, to shoot the four gun tubs we had, and to stray from the bridge. If it’s mistaken identity, then you don’t know what you’re looking at.” Another surviver said, “There’s nothing– medicine, booze– nothing takes it away. It’s just something you have to live with.”


Now let us ask ourselves what would have happened if a Muslim country had attacked an American battleship in 1967? Do you think the Jewish-controlled media would remind us every single year that Muslims attacked America in 1967? Do you think every single history textbook in every single school in America would devote a chapter to such an event? Do you think if a Muslim country “accidentally” attacked an American battleship that President Johnson would have been so forgiving, or do you think that America would have retaliated ferociously?

The very next day after the attack on the USS Liberty, Israel proceed with its planned war against Egypt. However, the failure of Israeli special forces to hoodwink America into joining their war against Egypt brought an early end to the fighting.

Today the war is known as the “Six Day War,” and the Israeli press as well as the Jewish-controlled American media never include the fact that Israel intentionally attacked America as part of its strategy.  In fact, the Israeli government even had the chutzpa to claim Egypt attacked Israel first. (A claim Israel would later admit was a lie.)

Imagine if the USS Liberty had been sunk and all the survivors had perished. No doubt, Israel -the victors- would have rewritten history claiming that Egypt had sunk the USS Liberty, and America would have dragged into an expensive and debilitating war which would have lasted years, and resulted in Israel expanding into Egypt.

Note: Typical of the Jewish-controlled wikipedia, the extensive article on the “Six Day War” completely ignores Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty save a tiny paragraph buried in the middle of the article. Furthermore, wikipedia labeled the attack on the USS Liberty as the “USS Liberty Incident,” an erroneous and  ridiculous description, indeed, as the article itself repeatedly refers to the “incident” as an attack.

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