Zionist Shill Amy Goodman Ignores Violence from Sanders Camp

Deeply embedded Zionist shill and fugitive of the New York fashion police, Amy Goodman completely ignored the unjust and controversial subversion of democracy which occurred Saturday at the Nevada State Democratic Convention. Instead, Amy Goodman featured four separate stories demonizing Donald Trump on her morning news show Democracy Now!.

Those who watch Goodman with a discerning eye know that the Dehypocrisy Now! agenda includes relentlessly characterizing Trump supporters as violent racists and characterizing Sanders supporters as victimized minorities. Therefore, it should be no surprise that when the Chair of the Democratic National Committee and Jewish Princess, Debbie Wasserman-Pukes, appears on national television and characterizes Sanders supporters as violent and threatening, Amy Goodman completely ignores the story.

The controversy erupted on Saturday night when Nevada State Democratic Party Chair, Roberta Lange, ignored a motion by the Sanders camp requesting a recount. Instead of considering the recount, Roberta-the-hun, as she’s also known, unilaterally apportioned Hillary Clinton a 5 delegate win over Bernie Sanders, shut-down the convention, and fled from the booing, angry crowd protected by a line of armed police. Assistant Chair and attorney Chris Wicker was also escorted from the ballroom along with other establishment leaders. The police threatened force and arrest if citizens did not immediately vacate the premises.

Monday’s episode of Dehypocrisy Now! featured not one, not two, but four separate stories demonizing Donald Trump, including a full segment with King-of-9/11-Denial, Jewish-American Noam Chomsky. At no point throughout the entire program did either of them make reference to the malfeasance and injustice which had unfolded at the Nevada State Democratic Convention two days earlier. Chomsky endorsed Sanders for president, but insisted that in the event of a Trump/Clinton race, it would be imperative for voters to choose Clinton.

Amy Goodman’s Double-Standard

Imagine if Trump supporters had been throwing chairs at a Convention. Amy Goodman would have given such a story non-stop coverage. But when Sanders supporters are cheated and naturally respond with rage, Amy Goodman is nowhere to be found. On Dehypocrisy Now! one can always count on the Zionist agenda for America to guide the narrative.

The Jewish supremacist agenda for America includes the marginalization and genocide of the Christian European American race through mass immigration. Presumed Republican nominee Donald Trump is diametrically opposed to the Zionist position on American immigration. Instead of “Israel first” Trump clams he will put “America first.” The Jewish-controlled, corporate media and alt-media’s Zionist shills will do everything in their power to frame Trump in the worst possible light, and Monday’s Dehypocrisy Now! serves as an example. Fortunately for Liberty and Justice, more and more Americans are seeing through the lies and omissions of our media masters (and our alt-media masters.)

NOTE: Tuesday’s episode of Democracy Now! did eventually get around to mentioning the Nevada controversy. Amy squeezed-in a quick mention of the Nevada controversy; then, she quickly moved on to Headlines demonizing Donald Trump, repeating the same Trump accusations from the prior show. Alas, better late than never. Amy, darling, perhaps you should rename your broadcast, Democracy Later!

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